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Full Name
Ojiebun John Taiwo

Name of business
Bigjohny Da Talkative

Type of business/career
Entertainment (Wedding MC/ Events Host /Stand up Comic)

When did you discover your talent for this career/business?     

There isnt a precise date. Though I could act since I was young but I discovered I could host Events and do well as a stand up Comic early 2014 after a FYB dinner I anchored when I got to UNILORIN.

What inspired you follow this business/career line?
I watched all Laff Doctor’s performance at Nigeria Got Talent 2 in 2013, and something told me, “What this guy is doing I’m sure I can do the same thing or even better than he is”. That is where the inspiration came at first. Though they cancelled NGT, I was already ready so all I did was just get platforms to show people what I believed I could do.

What motivates you to continue in this business /career path?
The motivation comes from God and the fast growth. Actually, it has just been 2 years and it has been getting better by the way. This gives me more reasons to do more.

What principles have you built your business /career on?
The principle of territorial kinging. You always have a territory, own it. I was made to understand that ibadan is big, look around, define your territory, become a King there then keep expanding it till you own a big share of the entire piece.



Duration of years in The Polytechnic, Ibadan
I spent 2 years at The Polytechnic, Ibadan between 2011 and 2013. I studied Mass Communication at the then Eruwa campus.

How did the institution contribute towards your business /career?
The contribution of the Institution came at the foundational part. I did a lot of acting in school without knowing it was preparing for something else. I met someone recently and she told me ‘when they said you are now a Comedian, I didnt doubt, because when I knew you in school then you already looked like one’


What’s the next step in your academics?
Currently, I’m a final year student of Mass Communication, University of Ilorin. Later, I plan on doing some few professional courses to tighten up some loose ends.

Highlights of the business/career
Hosted 42 weddings and other countless Events (Socials, Religious & Corporate.)
Performed on quite a number of Comedy shows.

Hosted 2 personal Events
* CLAP with Bigjohny and Friends (December 2016)
* MILOFIED (Athletics meets Comedy, June 2016)


Challenges so far
The basic challenge is what faces all growing Comic acts: people who would believe in them to make them show what they have on their platform.
Also, getting brands to support ideas isn’t also that easy. They just throw the proposal somewhere but when a proposal from a premium brand comes in, they welcome it with  both hands.

Most embarrassing moment in  business/ career
I haven’t had a lot tho. The one I can say was the height of embarrassing moments in my life was Rhema Chapel HQ ilorin, during ilorin got talent, I wasnt part of the contestants tho I was just part of the comic acts. You know when you feel like you should just vanish in front of about 1,500 people. Something went wrong, I had no idea but it was super embarrassing. They chased me off stage with their clapping. Came down stage and someone looked at me and asked me ‘is that all or are you coming back to actually say the funny part of the boring story you just told us’ I froze.

Roles Models in the business/career
Seyi law has been a role model since way back even before I started. His delivery, lines, carriage, creativity and professionalism with a blend of the Yoruba language is amazing
Also, Chris Rock, he makes me see
why every line in wht you say must pass message apart from  making then laugh.

Vision for business/career in the next  10years
To be one of the biggest stand up Comics in Nigeria with a known yearly event and a recognized Events brand.

Your official contact numbers/e-mail


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